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Stealthbits Combines Ease of Use and Security for a Unique Approach to Privileged Access Management

Blog >Stealthbits Combines Ease of Use and Security for a Unique Approach to Privileged Access Management
Stealthbits Combines Ease of Use and Security for a Unique Approach to Privileged Access

Typically, security is improved at the expense of convenience. Two-factor Authentication disrupts a user for another authentication factor in addition to a password. Signing-in and getting a guest badge with the lobby security guard before meeting a prospective client may be secure but is not very convenient. I could drone-on with more examples, but you get the point. 

Our latest release of Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager® (SbPAM®), 2.0, uniquely blends better user experience with better security. Check out all the great new features we’ve packed into this major release: 

Activity Tokens  Reduce Standing Privileges AND Save Users Time 

New Activity Tokens are temporary privileges auto-created when a task is requested and auto-destroyed when the task is completed. This is convenient because privileged users don’t have to choose the right account from hundreds to perform the task at hand. They simply allow SbPAM to generate the account and access needed based on the activity (or task) they want to undertake. This is secure because privileged accounts literally don’t exist when they’re not in use, significantly reducing the standing privileges attackers use to move laterally across your systems. 

Bring Your Own Vault® (BYOV®) – Layer SbPAM on Top for Added Value 

For organizations that have spent significant effort in developing the use of vaults and want the convenience of continued use, SbPAM 2.0 introduces Bring Your Own Vault (BYOV) technology. 

Many organizations have developed in-house applications around managed service accounts or simply leverage the vault for password rotation. It would be expensive, disruptive, and unnecessary to rip and replace that vault, so SbPAM allows organizations to continue the security and convenience of their existing vault while layering SbPAM on top to gain greater benefits.   

Access Certification – Certify Access in the System that Grants the Access 

Many PAM solutions rely on third-party identity management products for access certification. Doing annual, semi-annual, or quarterly reviews of access rights is an important security measure organizations take to ensure privileged access has not been over-provisioned. While access certification reviews are not necessarily convenient, SbPAM provides an end-to-end workflow for validating user access to privileged resources. Why go through the extra step of sending to an identity management product before review? It’s more convenient to do them right in the system. All attestation data is exportable to auditors, compliance officers, or any system. 

Mobile-Responsive UI and Themes – Personalize Your SbPAM Experience 

More fun than secure or convenient, SbPAM now provides support for mobile devices, instant editing, activity workflow visualization, and even multiple themes users can choose from to personalize their SbPAM console. With seven different themes to choose from, including the popular “Dark Mode”, SbPAM is helping to make work a little more enjoyable and visually pleasing.

Light Theme
Dark Theme
Heather Theme
Kitschy Theme
High Contrast Theme
Vins Theme
Wanted Theme

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Check out all of the incredible new features and enhancements in SbPAM v2.0 by using these great resources: 

Product Page – Learn about SbPAM and our next-gen approach to Privileged Access Management 

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