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RSA Conference 2014 Recap: Mission Accomplished

Blog >RSA Conference 2014 Recap: Mission Accomplished
RSA Conference 2014

At this year’s RSA Conference 2014 in San Francisco, Gary S. Miliefsky of Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) visited the STEALTHbits booth where we got to talking about who STEALTHbits is, what we do, and what we were talking with conference attendees about at the show. Here’s what Gary had to say about STEALTHbits in his post-conference annual trip report, included in CDM’s Cyber Warnings E-Magazine released on April 1, 2014:

“I hung out with these guys for a bit and they told me that RSA Conference 2014 was a big success on the two fronts where STEALTHbits wanted the most exposure: customer conversations and new partners to use as routes to market. Their success selling unstructured data capabilities in the identity governance market through the leading vendors in that space will clearly continue as they seemed to draw a crowd of interested customer opportunities.

I believe that the conference was a pivotal point for validating the strength of the data access governance market. Not only were there double the number of vendors on the floor talking about solving these problems, the biggest company in the space had a hugely successful IPO on the Friday of the RSA Conference week. Their open architectural approach – which allows them to sell directly to customers or as a part of a larger governance framework – will continue to differentiate them as the competition heats up. Security is not an unexplored “green field.” I concur with their assessment that the player that can fit easily into a larger playing field of solutions will be the ultimate victor.

One thing that surprised me was how much conversation I overheard at their booth about open shares; access granted to everyone in an organization. You would think that at a security themed show this would be old news. But many of the people they spoke to were extremely interested in how they could tell them where their open shares were, who had access to them, how that access was being granted, and what sort of activity was going on with data shared there. Keep an eye on these guys, they are an interesting player in an important category.”

Gary’s assessment was spot on! RSA Conference 2014 was a great success for STEALTHbits and the key value propositions we were stressing with those we had conversations with were definitely resonating with security professionals of all types.

To read the whole RSA Recap, visit and skip to page 124.

To learn more about STEALTHbits’ Unstructured Data Security Solutions, visit our Data Access Governance page. Take a deeper dive on our Open Access Remediation capabilities and how to control access to Unstructured Data with Identity & Access Management frameworks as well!

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