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Entitlement Reviews on Unstructured Data

Whether you’re already conducting entitlement reviews and are looking to bring unstructured data into the process or are just getting started and have concerns across your file systems and other unstructured data sources, STEALTHbits can help. Collection We’ve developed the fastest, most thorough, most flexible content scanners in the industry to collect and organize unstructured content from numerous sources. Our data collection architecture scales to support the world’s largest environments…


So, in the “new and upcoming news” category, StealthINTERCEPT is due out shortly here at STEALTHbits. With a name like that, we’re not suprisingly referring to it as SI internally right now. And since I’m sitting up here in Canada going through some webpage design for the roll-out, I think of it as CSI. And then I get to thinking – CSI – well, it may not be bones and blood tests, but it’s sure useful for Corporate System Investigation. Some poor OU goes missing? Get CSI on the case. Got a bad…

StealthMAINTAIN for Active Directory: Marketing Derails Product Management Processes (Leak 2)

If there were an award for Supersleuth Marketing Team of the year, STEALTHbits’ would be on the short list. We’ve crept around corridors and hid out in conference rooms to bring you the latest buzz on groundbreaking products that’ll be out soon. Earlier this year, we brought you a first look at StealthINTERCEPT, a game-changing real-time Active Directory solution. Now, we’ve cornered Dave Bullas, Product Manager for Active Directory, and convinced him to answer just a few questions about the …
Jack of all trades

Jack of all Trades, Master of Data & Access Governance

You’ve heard it before – that nagging phrase that makes you feel like you’re underachieving or stretching yourself too thin: Jack of all trades, Master of none. Yet, in today’s world of click-happy multi-tasking, that phrase is ringing less and less true. To be effective, the demand within organizations now seems to be for Jacks of all trades, people who can wear multiple hats in order to obtain a complete picture. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than within the IT Governance space. …

SharePoint Management Self-Service

Managing user access within SharePoint is a chore, but reducing permissions sprawl (way too many people having access) and keeping access organized and up-to-date is critical if you want to really understand what SharePoint resources are being used, and who is using them. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, SharePoint is often out-of-date when it comes to permissions. Factors like: Lots of users with management permissions having the rights to change permissions and assign permis…

5 Questions About Stealthbits’ New Active Directory Solution (Leak)

We keep our eyes and ears peeled on your behalf here at Stealthbits Headquarters, and we recently overheard some really cool news about an Active Directory project that’s under way (and under wraps). We convinced Adam Laub, VP of Marketing, to sit down with us for just 5 questions about this mystery solution. Daria: Word on the street has it that there’s something called “Interceptor” technology that’s coming. What is it? Adam: How do you guys hear about these things?! I can’t say much at …

High Risk(y) Business: Controlling the Threat of High Risk Shares

Try this: go to your favorite search engine, and type in “high risk share.” Chances are, you’ll get the same thing I did: pages and pages of financial information dealing with risky shares as they pertain to stocks. The definition and even identification of a high risk stock is fairly straightforward (at least in theory). In the IT space, though, high risk shares are much broader in term, and can be difficult to identify (which, in turn, makes them difficult to govern). Unlike a stock market,…

Controlling SharePoint Sites

SharePoint is growing more and more prevalent in organizations, and offers a great way for users to interact and share content remotely for collaboration on projects. With the increasing use of SharePoint, however, SharePoint admins are facing the same issues that plagued (and, in many cases, continue to plague) administrators of the distributed file system. Increasingly, sites are growing stale, violating ethical wall regulations, and being deemed “high risk” in terms of access and permissio…

The Exchange Mailbox Mess

Permissions get messy over time. Whether it’s in Exchange, SharePoint, the File System, Active Directory, or elsewhere, people will enter and leave the organization, change roles, and require different levels of access as time goes on. Exchange mailbox permissions offer a particular challenge because of multiple layers of access: permissions associated to mailboxes, delegate rights assigned, and even mailbox rights in Active Directory on the user’s account. Multiple problems can result: Defa…

Back to Basics for Security: Why Industry Compliance Regulations Matter, and Why They’re Hard

We talk about governance and compliance a whole lot on this blog, and for good reason. Across the board, IT security is a difficult undertaking, and it’s becoming more challenging by the day. For one thing, security threats from outside of the organization have only increased in the last few years, with hackers becoming more sophisticated. From the glamorization of hacking in popular culture (see Girl With A Dragon Tattoo hacker heroine Lisbeth Salander) to ‘hacking kits’ available online (se…




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