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The SharePoint Governance Challenge

Microsoft SharePoint has become a leading solution for enterprise collaboration and document management. SharePoint supports a decentralized approach to administration, allowing organizations to assign Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners responsibilities for managing subsets of SharePoint content. While this delegation of responsibility may streamline the collaborative process in ways, it comes at a cost. Without proper governance plans in place within your SharePoint environment, …

WikiLeaks and Data Governance

WikiLeaks has spotlighted the susceptibility of public and private sector entities to fall victim to disclosures of confidential information. The fact of the matter is, if WikiLeaks gets shut down tomorrow, there are thousands of others like them. The only way to address risks of this nature is to understand and lock down the permissions on the file system and other shared data repositories within companies and agencies. However, a typical file system at a Fortune 100 financial institution c…

Key Business Problems for Systems & Data Administration

We wanted to take a minute and discuss some of the key business problems that Systems and Data Administrators face on a daily basis. Hopefully, bringing them to light will help you to examine what’s going on in your organization’s environment, and will help you to preempt some potentially costly situations. There are three main areas that, in the places that they intersect, form the basis for data with real Business Value: When you look at your environment, the areas of biggest concern can …

Active Directory Maintenance & Clean-up

If you’re an Active Directory administrator dealing with Maintenance and Cleanup of your systems, you know what a daunting task it can be. To help, we’ve come up with a list of Best Practices / Tips that every admin should know: Users – User objects are often tied directly to different application andservice licensing agreements. Many organization get around this issue by negotiating to an official employee count. Beyond licensing, user objects left in AD create overhead for the directory ba…
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PCI Compliance

Why was PCI DSS developed? Privacy and security breaches involving credit card transactions pose a clear danger to credit card companies and financial institutions. The PCI DSS standard was developed at the urging of large credit card companies to help organizations that process credit card payments to prevent privacy and security breaches through hacking and other means. The standard became mandatory for all companies that process credit card payments in 2008. Companies that are not PCI com…

The StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Systems and Data Governance

Every day Administrators are constantly asked to answer seemingly simple questions like Who? What? When? Where? and even How? users have access to systems and data within the infrastructure. STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. takes a unified view on the IT world to bridge the gaps between Active Directory domains, systems, key applications, and shared data repositories to provide a single, comprehensive approach to assessing and securing the environment. The StealthAUDIT Management Platform is d…

The Who? What? Where? and When? of Data Governance

We all know that information is the ultimate asset, as well as being the largest and most challenging area of risk to organizations these days. The data ranges from being proprietary to confidential, encompassing everything from personal files to healthcare details to financial or even government regulatory related documents. Data is constantly generated by internal users, partners, external customers, and even by automated systems. The volume of data is easily in the Terabytes at most organi…




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