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Open File Shares: A Pragmatic Approach

Blog >Open File Shares: A Pragmatic Approach

A number of STEALTHbits’ customers have reported that their #1 audit challenge boils down to open file shares. Auditors are clearly concerned with access and while it’s difficult to understand access rights across millions of individual files, it’s immediately apparent when there are file shares that are open to anyone.

But, how do you approach a problem that spans across thousands of servers? Do you implement a monitoring solution for three months? Manually sift through each one? Well, you could do either of those things. And if you’re interested in activity monitoring, we’ve got the best solution on the market. But, I’d argue that the best way to deal with open shares is to move through a quick, pragmatic process that scopes resources, identifies high-risk, and automates cleanup without significant infrastructure or investment.

STEALTHbits has developed a step-by-step approach to closing down open file shares and has proven it out at a number of the world’s largest organizations. It’s simple to deploy, uses a just single server, can scan remotely, and it works. We’re able to provide real results in about one week. Give us 5 days, and we’ll have your arms comfortably around the problem and your mind at rest.

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