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Market Trends: Saying Goodbye to One-Size-Fits-All IAM Solutions

Blog >Market Trends: Saying Goodbye to One-Size-Fits-All IAM Solutions
| Brad Bussie | | Leave a Comment

Interest in IAM solutions has increased substantially over the past few years, as the perpetrators of many high profile breaches have exploited stolen credentials to steal sensitive data and inflict damage on their victim organizations. And, as the popularity of IAM solutions has increased, the solutions are evolving. Once one-size-fits-all IAM products forced their customers’ processes to bend to the product’s requirements. Now, flexibility is replacing rigidity as the governing concept, as IAM solutions – now more accurately described as IAG – are molded to accommodate the established business processes of the user. As the ecosystem IAM products must account for – mobile devices, cloud services, federated users, etc. – expands in complexity, single-product approaches will be challenged. Solutions deployed into existing environments designed to automate existing processes, not modify them, are likely to gain popularity. These “IAM-lite” solutions that allow controls to be extended from the enterprise to hosted services and applications are likely to flourish in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

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