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Market Trends: Advanced Persistent Threats

Blog >Market Trends: Advanced Persistent Threats
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If you’ve heard the terms “lateral movement” or “golden tickets” recently, you might be wondering what they were referring to, and maybe not even realized they had anything to do with computer security. They are in fact references to the new breed of ‘Advanced Persistent Threats’ (APT) which have come to prominence as a result of some of the higher profile security breaches in the last 12 months. In fact, according to ISACA’s study “2015 Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness-Third Annual”, a full 74% of organizations think they will be hit by an APT in the near future. The risks of these types of exposure, and the fact that most organizations globally could be susceptible to such an attack, has led to a raft of new companies and solutions targeting this space. The big buzzword here is ‘Advanced Threat Analytics,’ and you’ll hear many vendors reference this in the context of ‘Big Data’ and ‘machine learning’ technologies. We’ve noticed that most solutions out there, while touting leading-edge characteristics, do nothing to help control or remediate these exposures, leaving customers at risk and often in the headlines. It’ll be interesting to note over the next four to six quarters which of the many emerging UBA vendors can deliver a solution that is both effective and practical.

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