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Data security is an information technology topic that has moved beyond the walls of IT engineers and their peers to – well everyone else. Take for instance the recent security hole reported by Indiana University that resulted in an estimated 146,000 Indiana University students’ “personal data…inadvertently exposed to webcrawling programs since last March” per CNN.

The personal data that was exposed; “students names, addresses, and Social Security numbers…stored in an unsecure location that allowed web crawlers the ability to access the information up to three (3) times” per the CNN article. Granted this doesn’t appear on the surface to be a targeted and/or malicious act; this nonetheless is an example of a security breach that can happen internally at any moment if sensitive data isn’t actively discovered, monitored, secured, and protected. Deploying a sensitive data discovery and protection solution from STEALTHbits Technologies would have allowed Indiana University to discover there was sensitive data exposed in their environment – immediately after production deployment.

Why is this important?

Security breaches quite often include the loss of sensitive data as the core reason and focus for the security breach. Sensitive data, to be quite frank, is more valuable than diamonds, even gold.

How can this be? Well, sensitive data is a physical asset that keeps giving and is a commodity all over the world. Whereas, once you sell your diamonds – you can’t “sell” them again, and again, and again – you get the picture. No matter how big or small the security breach is and the amount of sensitive data acquired; the result is a commodity that can be sold across the world. Don’t let you or your organization be the gift that keeps on giving – secure your sensitive data now.

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