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Impressions from RSA 2019

Blog >Impressions from RSA 2019

This year’s RSA convention was a riot of sights and sounds with a lot of familiar faces, mega-booths with flashy giveaways, as well as some new/old companies in the form of recently acquired or merged organizations. There were the familiar topics of security analytics, security as a service, and advanced threat detection, but on the surface, it is difficult to pick out any obvious new trends.

After thinking back about everything I saw, I have decided that the one common theme was the re-emergence of the platform. Let me explain…

The explosion of Ransomware in the last 3 years has proved fertile ground for security startups striving to combat the increasing sophistication and broad distribution of this particular type of malware. Ransomware has received top-level corporate focus after several high profile organizations including retail outlets, state government agencies and even hospitals were attacked. These groups were held hostage, and many were forced to pay to get their data back.

In response, organizations have bought up every kind of security software, hardware and expert they could find. I believe that this has resulted in a bit of security indigestion (#securityindigestion) as IT teams now have a variety of tools, and struggle to get things installed, configured, and keep them running, all while looking for new threats and sending reports to management.

At RSA this year, I saw many vendors taking more of a platform approach to security – being very explicit about how their security tools integrate with other vendor’s tools, consuming threat feeds for analysis and sending out additional context and details to other systems in an effort to tie multiple data points together to produce a more complete security picture of the environment.

In addition to vendor interoperability, larger security vendors have acquired smaller startups to quickly build out their offerings into full blown security platforms. And I believe we are in for another year of consolidation as this trend continues.

At Stealthbits, we believe in the platform approach. We have teamed up with leading security providers and have built out a library of connectors and APIs, to provide a seamless security fabric for our customers. We integrate with IAM vendors, SIEM vendors, Multifactor Authentication vendors, and ITSM vendors to provide complete coverage, and to ensure that when an incident occurs, everyone has the data they need to react quickly and respond decisively.

To see how we integrate with products you most likely already have, visit our website and look at our Technology Integrations.

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