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File Share Entitlement Review: Finding the Owner

Blog >File Share Entitlement Review: Finding the Owner

One thing top of mind for information security professionals is understanding who has access to what and being able to provide clear, concise reporting around it. We call it Access Governance or Data Governance and it consists of entitlement reviews, access reviews, or audit reporting. The terms overlap and the complete superset of product features around this challenge can seem overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. At STEALTHbits, we simplify things. We’ve developed quick-win solutions that get you from where you are today to the next step with a proven and pragmatic methodology.

Data Owners

One small example is how we’re able to identify owners of file shares and other resources. First, we have an algorithm that provides a list of probable owners based on a number of factors – who has rights, who is doing what, etc. The algorithm is adjustable to meet specific requirements, but we know that there isn’t an algorithm on earth that could determine ownership with 100% accuracy across large scale environments. So, we leverage the StealthAUDIT Platform survey modules to reach out to probable data owners to ask them if we’re right.

If we are, we provide a set of instructions on what we need them to do. If they’re not, we move on to the next probable owner to see if we can track down the right people. Each step of the way, we report on where things stand: which shares are high-risk, which have owners, which are still awaiting response, etc. In large scale environments, there is no easy button. But there is experience and expertise. Experience counts. If you’re trying to figure out who owns your content, let’s chat and we’ll let you know what we’ve learned about this challenge as we’ve helped a number of the world’s largest organizations solve it.

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