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Extended Data Classification Support for Nasuni, Dropbox, and Exchange Online in StealthAUDIT v8.2

Blog >Extended Data Classification Support for Nasuni, Dropbox, and Exchange Online in StealthAUDIT v8.2

Of the many enhancements we packed into this upcoming release of StealthAUDIT (version 8.2), extending our Sensitive Data Discovery capabilities and platform support for performing Data Classification remained high on our list of priorities.

Coupled with 51 new GDPR-specific pattern definitions spanning all 28 EU countries and others as well (oh, and we don’t charge separately for those), StealthAUDIT v8.2 now enables organizations to discover and classify over 400 different file types stored in Nasuni UniFS Hybrid NAS, NFS-formatted file systems across Unix, Linux, and NAS platforms, Dropbox Business, and Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online.

Nasuni Support

Nasuni is offering organizations of all shapes and sizes virtually unlimited file storage capacity using a fraction of the hardware traditional providers need to support the demand.  As storage consumption continues to be a concern for most businesses, it’s no surprise the demand is high for Nasuni’s offering and the ability for STEALTHbits to support the massive amounts of data being moved to Nasuni’s platform.

Not only will StealthAUDIT v8.2 support Sensitive Data Discovery scanning for Nasuni, but activity monitoring and permissions analysis as well.  With the addition of support for Nasuni UniFS, StealthAUDIT users can ensure the data contained within their Nasuni Hybrid-NAS environments is understood, monitored, and governed properly.

Dropbox Data

If you read the reviews, end users love Dropbox Business.  The highly popular cloud storage provider is consistently rated at the top of the polls alongside Google Drive and OneDrive as one of the dominant players in the enterprise.  Of course, when you’re storing tons of data in such a collaborative system, organizations want to make sure they know their Dropbox data inside and out.

In StealthAUDIT v8.2, we’re extending our existing support for Dropbox Business with sensitive data discovery capabilities that add the much-needed context to the permissions and access reporting we provided initially.

Office 365 Security

Exchange is an incredible application.  When I started in the business nearly 15 years ago, Exchange was considered a mission-critical application by most CIOs.  As the primary communication mechanism within organizations of all sizes (both then and now), the operational integrity of Exchange was everything.  However, Exchange is looked at a lot differently now.  It’s not about whether or not Exchange is up and running – most of the time that’s Microsoft’s problem now for those on Exchange Online – it’s about whether or not it’s secure!  As it turns out, Exchange has become one of the largest repositories of unstructured data within any enterprise over the past 20 years.  Makes sense when you think about it.  All those attachments and messages going back and forth.  Where’s the first place you go when you’re trying to find that document someone sent you?

In StealthAUDIT v8.2, we’re adding to our existing Sensitive Data Discovery capabilities for Exchange on-premises with support for Office 365 Exchange Online.  With full coverage across SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online, customers will know what their users are storing and have access to across on-prem and cloud resources, all from a single pane of glass.

More to Come!

These are just some of the many enhancements we’re excited to offer in StealthAUDIT v8.2.  Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming weeks as we prepare for launch!

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