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Microsoft SQL Server Attack Series

Gain System Access and Persistence with SQL Native Attacks – SQL Attacks

What to Do with Your New SQL Kingdom In the last posts, we explored ways to gain access to MS SQL and to extract the data it contains. The fun thing with MS SQL, though, is that is just the start. Every application has a certain amount of access to other resources. Databases generally have a lot of low-level access to system since their whole purpose in life is to optimize access to data. That means augmenting some basic IO and process management approaches – tasks which require the ability …
Microsoft SQL Server Attack Series

Finding Microsoft SQL Server Targets – SQL Attacks

After all the posts about attacking different parts of IT infrastructure, it seems impossible that we have never used nmap as a tool before. Nmap is one of the most reliable and well-known tools of the trade for attackers. More than that, it is used by security pros and IT admins for a huge number of tasks. In their own words, the makers of nmap say it is a “utility for network discovery and security auditing.” I think that sells it short by a long shot. We don’t have even a fraction of the t…
Microsoft SQL Server Attack Series

Attacking Microsoft SQL Server Databases

In the business of selling security solutions, not too long ago the phrase “defense in depth” dominated the messages. It was meant to evoke an image of defending each layer of the IT infrastructure with uniquely suited solutions. Now everyone recognizes that the notions about perimeter defenses are flawed. Real security is built into everything, not wrapped around it. However, there are many corners of the IT stack that seem to still behave as if security is going to be taken care of for them…




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