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New – Purpose-Built Active Directory Threat Detection & Response Platform

| Adam Laub | | Leave a Comment
Active Directory has always been at the center of it all, but with the advent of highly powerful, incredibly clever tools like Mimikatz, BloodHound, CrackMapExec, and the like, Active Directory has now become the center of attention. Since 2005, STEALTHbits has been providing organizations of all sizes the best products and tools available to understand, manage, and secure their increasingly complex, ever-changing, ever-growing Active Directory environments.  Now in 2019, at precisely…
StealthAUDIT v8.2

Announcing StealthAUDIT 8.2 General Availability

Back at the end of October, we gave you a sneak peek at the new features coming in StealthAUDIT 8.2, and now you can see it for yourself!  8.2 is now on our website so you can go have a look for yourself at StealthAUDIT 8.2 has the following new features and enhancements: Expanded Sensitive Data Discovery capabilities and platform support Support for Nasuni UniFS Hybrid NAS storage Enhanced support for Dropbox Business to inc…

Extended Data Classification Support for Nasuni, Dropbox, and Exchange Online in StealthAUDIT v8.2

Of the many enhancements we packed into this upcoming release of StealthAUDIT (version 8.2), extending our Sensitive Data Discovery capabilities and platform support for performing Data Classification remained high on our list of priorities. Coupled with 51 new GDPR-specific pattern definitions spanning all 28 EU countries and others as well (oh, and we don’t charge separately for those), StealthAUDIT v8.2 now enables organizations to discover and classify over 400 different file types store…

How Threat Analysts have Become Superstitious: Superstition vs. Machine Learning with StealthDEFEND v1.2

The American psychologist B. F. Skinner conducted an experiment to examine how superstitions are formed. Using one of his favorite test subjects, pigeons, he observed that the pigeons associated whatever chance actions they had been performing when they were fed. Some of the birds would turn twice, while others would peck three times and they all repeated these behaviors with the expectation that they would be rewarded with food. Traditional cyber security has been suffering from this conditi…

Authentication Attacks Have You Worried? Me Too… Introducing StealthINTERCEPT 5.2

Those of you that are familiar with STEALTHbits know that protecting credentials is in our DNA – there is no separating credential protection from a sane data protection strategy. The operative word being “sane”. Earlier this year we introduced the first iteration of our Enterprise Password Enforcer, a password policy enforcement tool for Active Directory. In the first release, we focused on creating a solution that was transparent and operationally friendly. It did not require reboots when u…




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