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Top 5 Things People Hate About PAM

Privilege Account Management (PAM) has been around in some shape or form for decades now. Whether that’s vaulting passwords, session management, reducing privilege, or any combination of privileged management workflows, there’s been no shortage of vendors to choose from. Then why, with such a rich history and breadth of software to choose from, does the term PAM still make admins shudder? Surely it should be enjoyable to have a PAM solution humming along, reducing your organization’s risk …
What Are Ephemeral Accounts & How Do They Defend Against Attackers?

What Are Ephemeral Accounts & How Do They Defend Against Attackers?

Privileged Account Management (PAM) software has been around for decades, resulting in many different approaches to securing privileged access to critical assets. Accounts with more access need stronger protection, which is what PAM solutions strive to provide. Over the years PAM software has evolved from simply vaulting passwords to using proxy servers to handle those vaulted passwords, resulting in blurred lines between the distinction of Privileged Account Management and Privileged Acce…

Is Privileged Access Management in Need of a Fresh New Approach?

Software products to address privileged access have been around for 20 years. From Password Vaulting to Proxy Servers to Dedicated Administrative Accounts, popular Privileged Access Management (PAM) products are overly expensive and complicated. Many of the current PAM solutions available were first developed more than a decade ago and are based on antiquated architectures and years of code bloat that over-complicate even the simplest of tasks. Don’t get me started on…

‘Just-in-Time’ (JIT) – What Does it Mean and How Does it Get Misused?

Just-in-Time, JIT, or just plain old ‘Just in Time’; however you say it, we all understand its meaning – “at time requested” – it’s not a difficult concept. Unfortunately, like anything else, the definition blurs when you start adding context; in this case specifically, Privileged Access Management (PAM). JIT can mean a lot of different things to different people, so let’s come to some common ground around the Just-In-Time (JIT) term. What it is and what it is not? Every …

Back to “The Basics” Blog Series – Part 3: Privileged Access

Webinar Preview: Back to “The Basics” – Pragmatic advice from Gavin Ashton, author of “Maersk, me, & notPetya” Part 3 – Privileged Access This is the final installment of a three-part series on Maersk, me, & notPetya, a blog post by Gavin Ashton about his experiences responding to and recovering from the NotPetya ransomware outbreak at Maersk. If you’ve missed Part 1 or Part 2, give them a quick read! At the root of this attack, and so many before it lies …

Stealthbits Named Innovation Leader in New KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for PAM

The privileged access management (PAM) market is heating up! According to the 2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for PAM there are roughly 40 vendors in the space with combined annual revenue of $2.2 billion, which is predicted to grow to $5.4 billion a year by 2025. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20%. The takeaway: More and more organizations are looking to invest in the next generation of PAM solutions, which offer advantages over more traditional and now…
Just-in-Time Privileged Access Doesn’t Mean Reduced Standing Privileges

What is Just-in-Time (JIT) Privileged Access?… It Doesn’t Mean an Auto-Reduction of Standing Privileges

What is Just-in-Time (JIT) Privileged Access? Just-in-time (JIT) is the latest new buzz word in the world of Privileged Access Management (PAM). ‘Just-In-Time Access’, ‘Just-In-Time Privilege’, ‘Just-In-Time Privilege Access’ an internet search brings up a multitude of vendors offering clickbait as to why using their solution is best. The problem is JIT can be accomplished in different ways and not all are created equal. Continue reading to understand JIT differences so you can make inform…
What are Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP)?

What are Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP)?

The problem Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions seek to solve can be simply formulated: How do I appropriately provide and protect privileged access to my information technology assets? Traditional PAM solutions have focused on deploying controls on top of an enterprise’s existing identity practices, whether that’s providing password and session management for shared built-in administrator accounts or a password-of-the-day for personal privileged accounts. These approaches all rel…

The Problem with PAM: Implementing Privileged Access Management Without the Pain

What Does PAM Mean To You? The term is not as straightforward as most people think… it has evolved over the years in parallel with the ever-changing security landscape. Take any combination of password management, least privilege, and session management, then throw in a smattering of role-based directory groups and you’ve kinda got it. The key misunderstanding though is that a PAM solution must come wrapped around a password vault. This is not to say that password vaults are not important…




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