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15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 2

If you read part 1 in this series, you caught a glimpse of how STEALTHbits file activity monitoring solutions help solve critical change and access issues without the use of native logs. Today we’ll delve deeper into the explanation of these solutions and reveal five more real-life cases where you could use our file activity […]

15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 1

For many organizations, monitoring file activity is challenging due to the configuration complexity and performance concerns associated with native auditing. As a result, administrators do not have a way to answer some of their most critical questions. In this three-part blog series, we’ll discuss 15 real-life use cases where STEALTHbits file activity monitoring solutions can […]

How to Secure SharePoint

SharePoint continues to remain one of the most popular content collaboration platforms (CCP) at the enterprise-level, continuing to grow in adoption year over year. This adoption shows not only growth in the expected area of SharePoint Online, but continued expansion in SharePoint On-Premises as well. As SharePoint continues to grow, one of the largest areas […]

5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

As we kick off 2019, we are excited to bring you our 3rd Annual “STEALTHbits’ Experts Predictions”. This has been such a crowd pleaser that we just had to keep it going! Like the last few years, we made our way around the office with left over holiday cookie bribes to get the voice of […]

Best Quest Alternative

Looking for a Quest Alternative? If you’ve been following STEALTHbits and our achievements in the Active Directory Management and Security space, you know we’ve been on a Quest to become your go-to Active Directory security solution provider and Quest Alternative. At STEALTHbits, we believe customers deserve the most innovative solutions and creative capabilities on the […]

Top 10 Ways to Identify and Detect Privileged Users by Randy Franklin Smith

Privileged users are the penultimate goal of cyberattacks. Once attackers have privileged access, it’s only a small step to the information they want to steal. Cybercriminals leverage tools such as malware and phishing scams to gain a foothold within your organization, looking for ways to access and utilize credentials. In “wash, rinse, repeat” fashion, attackers […]

Active Directory Domain Consolidations and Migration

You may have heard us discuss Active Directory domain consolidations or domain migrations in the past but there’s been significant recent progress in how we approach large consolidation projects. We call it Active Directory Unification and we’ve built new out of the box intelligence into our existing product set. It’s not just about getting from […]

The File System, Active Directory, Real-Time Changes, and You

GPOs are a bit of a strange beast. They exist in two worlds – the file system, and active directory – and they affect many more. Sort of like a platypus – a poisonous mammal that lays eggs and has a duck-bill, a beaver tail, and the feet of an otter – the GPO has […]

SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Information security is complex to say the least. It can feel overwhelming for security professionals as we get our heads around all of the issues and approaches to protecting data. Many of the frameworks out there (NIST, ISO, COBIT/COSO, etc.) may help as part of a long term strategic approach, but they don’t make life […]

Dynamic Access Control

Windows 8/2012, DAC, and you TechEd has come and gone, but it seems we can’t quite shake off all the buzz. Some of the things that we saw at TechEd are still making us go “hmmmmmmm”. One of those things is Dynamic Access Control. At TechEd, Microsoft unveiled a new system of controlling access, and […]



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