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Dr. Joukov is the CEO of modelizeIT Inc. The application mapping software created by modelizeIT Inc is used by large corporations to make their information technology environments more secure, reliable, efficient, better aligned with the business needs, and to safer and faster migrate to clouds. Prior to that, Dr. Joukov was doing scientific research at IBM T.J.Watson Research Center where his work was recognized by IBM and multiple other organizations for business, research, and strategy impacts. At IBM Research he was also chairing Professional Interests Community on Storage Systems. Dr. Joukov's PhD research results were published at the topmost operating systems research venue OSDI and the topmost storage research venue FAST. Overall, Dr. Joukov published 39 research papers. Five of his research works won best paper awards including from the top European systems venue Eurosys. Prof. Joukov shares his unique experiences by teaching advanced classes at NYU and Columbia universities. IEEE, the world largest technical professional organization, recognized Dr. Joukov’s Chairmanship of IEEE Computer Society Committee and Community on Operating Systems with an award for excellent service. Website:

Data Mapping in the age of GDPR – Unknown Application Workflows

When the enemy is already inside Security breaches is a fact of life. Employees click on links in phishing emails, web applications get compromised, weak passwords get guessed, and insiders misuse their privileges. As a matter of fact, internal actors play a role in every 4th breach according to the latest 2017 Data Breach Investigations […]



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