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Manojit Nandi is data scientist at STEALTHbits Technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Decision Sciences, focused on machine learning and mathematical algorithms, from Carnegie Mellon University. He has given talks on machine learning and data science at tech conferences, such as SIGKDD and PyData.

Local Outlier Factor – Part 3

Part 3 Part 3 – Local Outlier Factor scores & Conclusion In Part 2, I demonstrated how to compute the local reachability density for each data point. The local reachability density grants us insight as to how “isolated” a data point is. In this third and final blog post, I will compare each point’s local […]

Local Outlier Factor – Part 2

PART 2 Part 2 – Reachability-Distance & Local Reachability Density In Part 1, I motivated the need for a density-based approach to outlier detection, and then I talked you through the first step of using the K-Distance as a framework for quantifying how “distant” a data point is from its neighbors. Today, I will walk […]

Local Outlier Factor – Part 1

User Behavior Analytics Finding Anomalous Users through the Local Outlier Factor Algorithm Part 1 – Motivation and K-Distance How do you identify users who are behaving anomalously? One way to tackle this problem is to define a set of rules that all user activity should conform to. If a user’s behavior breaks one or several […]



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