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Jonathan Sander is STEALTHbits’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As CTO, he is responsible for driving technical innovation, ensuring that STEALTHbits is well positioned in their current and emerging markets, and he will also lead corporate development efforts. Jonathan also plays the role of evangelist at STEALTHbits venues large and small. Prior to STEALTHbits, Jonathan was VP of Product Strategy for Lieberman Software. As part of Quest Software from 1999 through 2013, he worked with the security and ITSM portfolios. He helped launch Quest’s IAM solutions, directing all business development and product strategy efforts. Previous to that, Mr. Sander was a consultant at Platinum Technology focusing on the security, access control and SSO solutions. He graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Philosophy.

Podcast: How to Stop Active Directory Attacks

We have just done the first episode of our Insider Threat podcast, and it was a little scary. I’m no stranger to doing a show; so that wasn’t scary. What was frightening is how easily the bad guys can exploit our Active Directory and Microsoft platforms. I sat down with Jeff Warren, who wrote our […]

5 Trends for Security Professionals

It comes as a surprise to no one that information security pros have strong opinions. So each year STEALTHbits puts out their floor survey and the results come pouring in. 2017 was no exception. We’re excited to announce the “5 Trends for Security Professionals”, which you can get here. This year’s report breaks down 5 […]

Cybersecurity: You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See

Shifting the Focus of the Cybersecurity Discussion First, if you have not yet read Joel Brenner’s report, “Keeping America Safe: Toward More Secure Networks for Critical Sectors,” written for the MIT Center for International Studies and the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative, then you should open another tab right now and go do that. Don’t […]

The Importance of Good Data in #BigData & #DataScience

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a small room presentation by Joshua S. Bloom. He went through a tour de force in data science. He had to figure out a lot of this not because of the trendy big data problems and approaches that we see in just about every new vendor that […]

The #RSAC Show Is As Big As The Data Set #Security Pros Are Dealing With

If you didn’t make it to the RSA Conference this year, you missed the largest, maddest security event I’ve ever seen. With reports of 33,000 attendees and nearly 40,000 people including exhibitors and others, the Moscone center was bursting at the seams with security professionals. I kept up my streak of not making it to […]

Ramping up for #RSAC 2015

Though the RSA Conference is a little later this year than past ones, it still feels like a rush now that we’re almost there. We’ve got a lot of things to do and we’re planning on literally the biggest presence we’ve ever had. Yes, I know how to use the word literally; I’m talking about […]

Being Entertained by Managing Access during Provisioning

Had the chance to speak with a senior member of the security team at a large entertainment company this week about some of their challenges regarding access management. The conversation immediately turned to his issues with provisioning, “onboarding and offboarding” as he referred to it each time. I thought that meant we would be referring […]

The #Cloud Mentality Puts Integration Pressure on Everything in #IT

Yesterday I got to sit with a CIO and his staff at a fast growing company in the biotech space. They’re making a lot of profit and have a unique opportunity to onboard technologies to solve their problems. They have a very sophisticated user base – people doing biotech work are generally smart, well informed […]

Shrinking the Unstructured Data Universe to Make #Access #Governance & #DAG Easier

I sat with a very demanding prospect this week who is putting our solution through the most thorough evaluation we’ve ever seen. It’s going very well, and this meeting was another check point after they spent some time testing and came up with a new batch of questions. I was invited in to talk about […]

Getting Control

Everyone knows that you can’t solve the problems you don’t see. Seeing a problem itself doesn’t necessarily solve it, but if we can’t see the problems in the first place, then without our knowledge hidden potential ones can become visible with all kinds of consequences – see “Sony Pictures Inc.”. I was working with a […]



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