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Jeff is a Senior Engineer at Stealthbits - Now part of Netwrix.

Stealthbits ProTip: Defending Against Ransomware in 2017

With the close of 2016 approaching, I looked back and realized that Ransomware could have been the subject of my ProTip every month this year! Not only has it been regularly grabbing headlines throughout the last twelve months, but I’m sure 2017’s threat-surface will be subject to even more attacks. And while I’ve already provided […]

Take Action Against Ransomware

After identifying nefarious activity on your file servers, whether it’s massive data theft or activity associated with ransomware, taking action is the next step. StealthINTERCEPT v4.0 now gives us the tools to automatically Lockdown those critical file areas once the rule for the File System Attacks Analytic is met. Let’s get started. First, we need to […]

Increase Insight into Your Active Directory Environment

StealthAUDIT for Active Directory provides reporting features that give you great insight into your directory environment, but is there more usable information in a report than what is displayed by default? Yes. Most StealthAUDIT Jobs collect and record additional information that is not necessarily included in the default presentation of reports. However, recent improvements to […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Identifying Non-Owner Exchange Activity

Need visibility into the mailbox activity by anyone other than the owner of a specific mailbox? In this ProTip, you will learn how to view Exchange Activity within StealthINTERCEPT and how to scope the policy to view only Non-Owner activity. Once you are licensed for Exchange Activity, you will need to ensure that you have […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Where Did My File Go?

“Where did my file go?” With File System Activity in place for StealthAUDIT, this question can be answered easily within the Access Information Center. Not only can we identify what happened to the file, we can sometimes even show you where it ended up. The options menu while viewing an Activity Details Report in the […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Entitlement Reviews for Sensitive Data

Entitlement Reviews are a great way to get feedback from your business owners, and now with StealthAUDIT 7.2 we can now also canvas these same business owners for Sensitive Data Reviews. There are two optional settings to consider enabling before beginning a Data Review process. The first option is to enable the collection of File […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Investigate with StealthINTERCEPT

Many of the threats discussed in the Verizon DBIR can be addressed with StealthINTERCEPT, and a little-known feature called Investigate makes it easy for users to quickly retrieve the policies they care most about. StealthINTERCEPT’s Investigate feature allows users to easily view specified events across all available Policies. Defining Policies (the Who, When, Where, What, […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Visibility with File Activity Monitoring

StealthAUDIT’s File Activity Monitor enables our customers with great visibility into file activity within Windows and most NAS solutions. Although the Access Information Center makes understanding this information easy, SIEM can, at times, be the preferred way to view any and all activity. Enabling Syslog output requires first opening the Stealthbits File Monitor and navigating […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Expanding the Local Administrators Report

The Local Administrators Report is a great report available to users of our Systems Governance Solution set, but focusing solely on Local Admins may not be the complete picture. The Local Administrators job (SG_LocalAdmins) uses our USERSGROUPS Data Collector. While scoped by default to only look for that local groups members, the Data Collector can […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Ransomware Detection with StealthINTERCEPT

Ransomware has been ‘top of mind’ due to its much deserved media attention. With StealthINTERCEPT for File Systems we can make it easy to keep up with current & emerging versions of this evolving scourge. Version 3.4.1(current) of StealthINTERCEPT has a template available right out of the box (called Ransomware Detection), whereas older versions will […]



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