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Jeff is a Senior Engineer at Stealthbits - Now part of Netwrix.

Configure Criteria to Meet Compliance Standards

Now that EU GDPR has arrived, it is important to understand how to configure groups of criteria to the compliance standards your organization is concerned about most. StealthAUDIT’s Sensitive Data Discovery allows you to identify file content that matches your set criteria. This can be done for keywords or regular expressions, as well as groups […]

ProTip: StealthINTERCEPT Health Monitoring

StealthINTERCEPT provides great threat hunting capabilities, so naturally, the health of our systems is paramount.  StealthINTERCEPT Health Alerts give us the information we need to ensure we keep getting the data we care about. Agent connectivity is my main concern, although SI Agents will cache a fair amount of events, I want to get them […]

ProTip: StealthAUDIT Data Views for SQL Sensitive Criteria Matches

With our focus on SQL Attacks this month, I naturally think about what data is being attacked as well.  StealthAUDIT’s SQL Solution Set can show us a lot of valuable information but collects even more than what immediately shows. StealthAUDIT Data Views are my go-to tool when I want advanced manipulation of data for an […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Advanced StealthINTERCEPT Alerting

With each iteration, StealthINTERCEPT shows more value to our customers. StealthINTERCEPT 5.0’s AD Security focused data means alerting will become even more essential, and those alerts should contain what’s important to you.  Let’s take a moment to learn how your organization can configure and benefit from StealthINTERCEPT 5.0 Notifications. First, navigate to the Alerts section […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Role Based Access for Web Reporting in StealthAUDIT v8.1

This time of year is typically a time of giving, and I am here to give the gift of report security!  StealthAUDIT v8.1 has new data to discover, and new report management to keep that data secure. Version 8.1 of StealthAUDIT now equips users with Role Based Access (RBA) to control who has access to […]

Stealthbits ProTip: StealthAUDIT’s Sensitive Data Discovery for Compliance

With compliance standards driving more and more organizations to directly tag their data, StealthAUDIT’s Sensitive Data Discovery allows you to easily locate and understand the data that was important enough to tag in the first place. The configuration for sensitive data discovery is located within the Criteria Editor.  To get there navigate the Job Tree to […]

Stealthbits ProTip: 23 NYCRR 500 Compliance

While we here at Stealthbits can’t help our customers with the personal part of 23 NYCRR 500 Compliance, we can make it easy to identify the reports that help with Section 500’s access and activity pieces. Starting with version StealthAUDIT v8.0 we’ve introduced report tagging, allowing you to easily organize the reports that are important […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Where did my file go?: Stealthbits File Activity Monitor

In the first “Where did my file go?” post, we discussed locating files using StealthAUDIT’s Access Information Center. Now, with the STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor in place, this same question can be answered in real-time directly within the console. Not only can we identify what happened to a file, we can even show you where it […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Model Access Changes with Confidence

Modeling access changes before enabling them allows you to clean up access with confidence. The Access Information Center makes this simpler than ever with easy-to-understand visuals and the ability to commit these changes on the spot. First, we’ll look at the Effective Access report on my PreSales Engineering Share. As you can see, Chris still […]

Stealthbits ProTip: Maximize Your StealthAUDIT Investment with Reporting

Utilizing StealthAUDIT Reporting This month I’d like to touch on a fairly unknown usability feature within StealthAUDIT. The Reports Only mode allows the console to be run without risk of triggering any collections or affecting any already existing data sets. There is an underused (but very useful) command line switch that allows you to run […]



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