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Travel Time

I spent a lot of time in June flying about to customers, prospects, and partners. Much more than usual, in fact, and while there were some cool and not-so-cool places on the itinerary, across the board it was interesting to meet folks in different parts of the world. A big part of my job here […]

Files, Files, Files

It seems like everyone I talk to right now is wondering what in the world they’re going to do about their file problem. I was working with a small hospital group, they’ve merged together 6 or 7 hospitals and they’re looking to acquire more. Their biggest challenge: “Where are all of the sensitive HIPAA files […]

Clean Up Your Room – Uh, I Mean, Directory

I don’t make my kids clean their rooms just to facilitate harmonious feng shui. They’re busy tirelessly mining through millions of Legos and, when scooping up all those pieces seems overwhelming or uninteresting, I try to explain why. An organized room is a healthier – and safer – place to play. There’s a clear parallel […]

When it Comes to Visibility, Seeing is Believing

Everyone knows that you can’t solve the problems you don’t see. Seeing a problem itself doesn’t necessarily solve it, but if we can’t see the problems in the first place, then without our knowledge hidden potential ones can become visible with all kinds of consequences – see “Sony Pictures Inc.”. I was working with a […]

A Deeper Dive into Active Directory Optimization – Part 3

Getting it Clean In my house when the playroom gets to the point where something needs to be done, my wife or I rally the family, we assign tasks, and after grumbling and complaining (not just the kids!) it gets done. Many companies are in the same place – they want to be successful with […]

A Deeper Dive into Active Directory Optimization – Part 2

Why Bother? The problem with cleaning up isn’t that we don’t want to do it, we’re just busy. When it’s my basement and my house, the project is contained and has a finite end – when you’re able to finish vacuuming, its pretty much done. I can turn that project around pretty quickly, but even […]

A Deeper Dive into Active Directory Optimization – Part 1

AD Cleanup – A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place Occasionally, it pays to get some extra husband points, so last week I decided to spend some time downstairs with my kids cleaning up their playroom. My wife and I were both tired of picking our way along the different toys, DVD cases, […]



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