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Mr. Corbin Nash has held several C- level positions in his 20 years of an innovative technology focused career focused on building successful business-enabling security organizations and consulting with Boards of Directors and executive staff on areas of risk management. Most recently he is CEO of a successful security consulting and reseller firm focusing on emerging security technologies to address current and future threats. He advises several emerging, innovative security technology companies. He was interim Chief Information Security Officer at American Express evolving their program from compliance driven to risk and business oriented. As a member of FS-ISAC, the FBI has consulted with him on the cyber-attacks targeting financial services, retail, and critical infrastructure. Mr. Nash directly influenced President Obama’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Executive Order around cyber security and has been responsible for influencing PCI and bringing two Fortune 200 companies to Tier 1 compliance. For this reason, he understands the true threat landscape and the effective and challenges of current security controls and capabilities.

Access Control

Aspirational versus Actual, it has been a mantra of mine for some time; an epiphany, if you can call final realization of the obvious an epiphany. This dichotomy is the root which bears the symptoms of the IRS, Target, Chase, Sony, Home Depot, etc etc etc. Our strategies, controls, energies, discussions, tools are all predicated […]



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