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Brad Bussie is an award winning fifteen year veteran of the information security industry. He holds an undergraduate degree in information systems security and an MBA in technology management. Brad possesses premier certifications from multiple vendors, including the CISSP from ISC2. He has a deep background architecting solutions for identity management, governance, recovery, migration, audit, and compliance. Brad has spoken at industry events around the globe and has helped commercial, federal, intelligence, and DoD customers solve complex security issues.

Market Trends: The Black Sheep of the Family

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Unstructured data has always been the black sheep of the enterprise data security world. Securing access to applications and the data housed there has always been the priority, but that may be changing. Two recent, high-profile events suggest unstructured data may be moving from the cheap seats to the orchestra section soon. First, SailPoint, a […]

Market Trends: Local Administrator Access

Local administrator access is something that is present on nearly every information system around the globe. We all have the best intentions to use the local administrator for only the initial setup of the device, but many of us continue to use the accounts for various reasons. The main reason that this is a problem […]



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