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Gain Visibility into the Most Important Activity on Your Network with File Activity Monitoring

Blog >Gain Visibility into the Most Important Activity on Your Network with File Activity Monitoring
file access monitoring software

File Activity Monitoring

With Russia’s suspected hacking of the U.S. elections still in the news, our office conversation turned to the topic of Edward Snowden. One of our executives commented that even with the billions the government spent on cybersecurity—including technologies like User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)—officials still don’t know exactly what information Snowden took.

I mention this conversation because we’ve recently had a number of organizations, as well as partners, ask about our file activity monitoring utility. In speaking with them, my colleague Gabriel Gumbs and I came to better understand what they are looking for. Several small and midsized businesses, for example, want to implement Data Access Governance (DAG) but their budget and resources aren’t quite ready for it yet. So they’re interested in our file activity monitoring utility because it can accomplish 85% of what DAG solutions can and is easy to deploy and manage.

Larger companies told us a slightly different story. They’ve already got DAG-like capabilities. But, in some cases, these solutions don’t meet file activity requirements outside the solution’s scope—like getting in-depth insight into threat monitoring on storage devices. To satisfy this need, they reached out to test our file activity monitoring utility in their own NetApp, EMC, and/or Hitachi environments. file activity monitoring

Finally, we heard from enterprises that have Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions like Splunk and QRadar who face challenges around native logs giving their SIEM solutions too much information. This amount of data makes it hard for them to find and act on relevant security events quickly. So we shared how we can help feed relevant, real-time file activity data into SIEM without reliance on native logs. file system auditing detects ransomware

The irony here is that if the government had had a utility for file activity monitoring like that offered by STEALTHbits, its leaders would know what data Snowden stole.

File Activity Monitor

If you’re an organization that lacks visibility into what’s happening with your unstructured data on Windows and NAS devices, I encourage you to learn more about STEALTHbits’ File Activity Monitor. This simple, cost-effective utility will give you a bird’s eye view into who’s accessing your files, what they’re doing with the data, and whether their actions represent a security threat.

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