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2017 Cybersecurity Recap & 2018 Predictions – Insider Threat Podcast #13

Blog >2017 Cybersecurity Recap & 2018 Predictions – Insider Threat Podcast #13

In our thirteenth edition of the Insider Threat Podcast, we were joined by my Stealthbits teammates, Adam Laub, the Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, and Gabriel Gumbs, VP of Product Strategy. We discussed our 2017 Cybersecurity Recap & 2018 Predictions Report, and tried to focus on the prediction part of things since we are at the start of the new year. After a quick look over the shoulder at the trends we spotted in 2017, we move Insider Threat Podcast through to the predictions. Adam, Gabe, and I each had our own take. Probably most surprising is where Adam wanted to focus versus the rest of us. It’s always fun to play futurist for a little while, especially when you’re thinking about rich, complex topics like these.

Gabe kicks off the conversation by thinking about how regulations will shape our approach to security in 2018. EU GDPR is the focus, but everything from 23 NYCRR 500 to MiFID II are part of the trends that Gabe is spotting. Essentially, Gabe is making what I think is a bold prediction about how the relationship between security and compliance will change over the course of 2018. I found myself wanting to pick a fight with him about it, but he was clear that it would take the events of this year to prove him right. So I guess we’ll all have to wait until the 2018 wrap up to have that fight with him. Of course, maybe you will agree with him and you’ll be fighting with me instead?

After I give my prediction about machine learning, Adam brings in some hard pragmatism. Adam reminds us all that all the well-formed regulations and fancy machine learning in the world won’t help you if you don’t find ways to address the simple things. Most problems still turn out to be systems that were not properly patched. We are all suffering through the skills gap. These are basic issues that require energy and attention. Without solutions to these basic challenges, Adam is right that the rest is only icing on a bad cake. Many things are proposed to help including managed services and focusing on automation. In the end, the prediction is that this year will see slow progress on these perennial issues, but those that make that progress will doubly benefit from the regulatory and technology accelerators.

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