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15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 3

Blog >15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring: Part 3
15 Cases for File Activity Monitoring Part 3

Today, we continue our discussion on real-life use cases for STEALTHbits file activity monitoring solutions. The cases outlined in the previous blog post provided examples of malicious access by internal users, administrators, and external bad actors.

Case 11: Stale File Clean-Up

Knowing which files are being actively accessed helps identify stale data for removal from active management, reclaiming storage space and reducing an organization’s risk surface.

The file activity monitor allows organizations to identify stale data and files that have not been modified or accessed within a designated timeframe.

Case 12: Data Ownership

The ability to understand who accesses data, how often, and what actions they perform enable organizations to calculate data ownership, especially in the absence of quality file metadata.

The file activity monitor provides administrators with the ability to collect and analyze file activity, metadata, and user attributes to easily calculate data ownership.

Case 13: Data Access Clean-Up

Knowing who is using their access privileges and what types of operations they perform helps reduce elevated access privileges that aren’t needed and remove access that isn’t being utilized.

The file activity monitor enables administrators to understand who is using their access and what they are using it for so they can implement a least privilege access model. 

Case 14: Group Membership Formulation

Understanding who is using their access privileges, what types of operations they perform, and other attributes about users like department and location helps to group users into like roles to ease the burden of access management.

The file activity monitor permits administration to collect and analyze the data needed to properly mine roles and streamline access management.

Case 15: Open Access Remediation

Knowing who is leveraging their access privileges and what types of operations they perform helps create the right group memberships and data access privileges when closing down open access. 

The file activity monitor analyzes the activity within open resources like files shares and SharePoint sites, calculates and implements resource-based groups and their memberships to shut down open access and secure critical data resources.

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