Real-time Change and Access Firewall Technology for Windows Infrastructure

Active Directory (AD) is the hub of all security within any organization, governing access to virtually every system, application, and data resource across the network. However, even though the criticality of Active Directory is well understood, most organizations have inadequate visibility into Active Directory and the activities occurring within it, making AD one of their greatest risks.

StealthINTERCEPT safeguards your organization from internal threats by acting as a firewall around your critical systems and applications like Active Directory, as well as Exchange and File Systems. StealthINTERCEPT generates security intelligence by actively monitoring user behavior and alerting on suspicious activities. By intercepting all Active Directory traffic, StealthINTERCEPT also provides an additional layer of security over all of your business assets, enabling the visibility and protection you've needed for years, but could never previously obtain using native utilities or third-party products.

StealthINTERCEPT Windows Auditing Tools


Firewall Technology for Active Directory, Exchange, and Windows File Systems


Windows Change and Access Monitoring

Windows Change & Access Monitoring

Track and prevent changes and access across Active Directory, Exchange and File Systems.

Windows Change and Access Monitoring

Windows Security

Detect and prevent advanced threats in real-time, integrate with SIEM, and more.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Monitoring, Protection, and Alerting of change, access, and logon/authentication activity
  • Direct and certified integration with leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms with plug-n-play dashboards
  • Robust analytics and auditing engine
  • Role-based access and tamper-proof architecture
  • Integrated Reporting and Searching


  • Real-time visibility into changes, as well as security-related events like Account Hacking, Permissions Tampering, Horizontal Movement of Accounts, Non-Owner Mailbox Access, Sensitive Security Group and Group Policy Modifications, and more
  • Automated Compliance Fulfillment across multiple standards including SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS
  • Increased performance through critical change detection and prevention

Supported Platforms:

  • Active Directory (including LDAP, NTLM, and Kerberos Authentication, and Group Policy)
  • Exchange Server
  • Windows File System

Supported SIEM Integrations:

  • RSA Security Analytics
  • IBM® QRadar®
  • HP® ArcSight®
  • McAfee® ESM

*All others via SysLog